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Wireless Communication Technology: Vocera Improves

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For more information, please visit http://www.vocera.com.

wireless communications systems enabling instant voice communication
among mobile workers have emerged, and are now being adapted by hotels.
Comprised of intelligent system software and lightweight, hands-free,
wearable communication devices, these systems allow hotel staff are
able to instantly speak with the right individuals, at the right time,
for the right situation to deliver the best customer service.

hotel technology presents the following benefits for hotels and the
quality of service they can provide to the consumer:
• Increases staff productivity and reduces response time to satisfy guest requests
• Improves overall guest satisfaction and service
• Creates a calm guest environment by reducing or eliminating communication via walkie-talkie

Talbott Hotel staff recently shared their experiences with wireless
communication technology in this video released by Vocera, a provider
of wireless communication solutions.

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