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Honeywell Dolphin 9700 Mobile Computer Review

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When it comes to mission critical activities such as point of care within the health sector or goods delivery, speedy and accurate data capture together with reliable communication between site and field personnel can be a challenge.

Actually, staff often use a number of separate mobile devices in order to carry out their many and varied daily tasks. But what if everything from barcode scanning and image and signature capture to real-time communication and even GPS navigation could be performed by one affordable, user-friendly and rugged handheld? Well, we’re delighted to report that this isn’t simply an ideal but a firm reality, and comes in the form of Honeywell’s brand new Dolphin 9700 digital assistant mobile computer.

With the Dolphin 9700, companies specialising in everything from parcel delivery, route accounting, field services and healthcare point-of-care applications are fully equipped to serve their customers more efficiently. And by helping to improve worker productivity, the unit can even reduce a company’s operating costs.

The device features a large 3.7 inch high-resolution display and two keypad options for operators – a 31-key numeric keypad and full 45-key QWERTY keypad. Both options have the navigation keys conveniently placed for easy single-handed use. In terms of functionality, Honeywell’s Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.5 enables the device to read both linear and 2D barcodes, as well as capture electronic signatures. And the built-in colour camera with Automated Programming Control provides easy integration of picture and video capture into business applications while simplifying operator use.
The unit even includes automated camera control with point-and-shoot capability, minimising image blur and enhancing picture quality every time.

The device’s operating system is the ever popular Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5. It also comes with a fully integrated Global High-Speed Wireless Platform; including 3.5G GSM and 802.11 for real-time data exchange and voice communications, together with Bluetooth for wireless connection to peripheral devices. A host of communications tools also come as standard; including instant messenger, e-mail, web browsing, voice-guided navigation and even third-party application support.

And for companies that need to keep in touch with staff over longer distances, the Dolphin 9700 again doesn’t disappoint, providing global high-speed wireless connectivity for real-time data exchange. This ensures users can stay in contact with their customers and internal network within seconds, regardless of their physical location. The unit also includes Automated Assisted GPS Technology, which improves satellite connection speed and tracking continuity, even in weak signal areas. 

Within the healthcare sector, the 9700 ensures users are able to quickly and accurately perform bedside patient care; including medication verification. And with the large, bright display and high-speed wireless connection, patient information can be quickly read and transmitted it to the patients’ electronic medical record.

Another advantage is the devices’ ergonomic grip, which ensures operators remain comfortable even after long shifts. Also, the unit’s Shift-PLUS power management system enhances productivity by powering real-time wireless and multi-media applications continuously for eight hours or more. The device is even available in a disinfectant-ready housing, designed to resist the harsh cleaning chemicals used in healthcare environments.

As we can only really scratch the surface of the Dolphin 9700’s many advantages in this short video presentation, we recommend you contact Honeywell to find out more about how this device can enhance your business efficiencies and improve your bottom line.

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