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Datalogic Scanning Grphyon PowerScan QuickScan

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Datalogic Scanners Compared (Gryphon, QuickScan, and Powerscan)

We are A1 Barcode Systems of and we have a number of videos on our site.  They are in FLV and AVI.  We provde barcode scanners and mobile computers from Datalogic.  Sometimes we are called the barcode guys.  Call us at 800.798/2042x0 or email us at

Datalogic Scanning Review of all products.  Using all of our Datalogic Barcode Scanners we have done an overview review and comparison of all.    The Gryphon, QuickScan, and the PowerScan are reviewed and compared.

2D and 1D scanners are available in many models, as are BlueTooth and cordless units.  These units are on for sale at and a link to the site are at

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Added by: Shacks

Date: 11th Jan 10

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By: Carljr

1 month ago

Good to see at least some of the units together.



By: Love715

1 month ago

Great video and product! Keep up the good work at A1 Barcoding!


By: Carljr

1 month ago

I think they are A1 Barcode Systems.


By: Shacks

1 month ago

A good overview of the more recent Datalogic units all together.