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Mangofile - e-filing

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You file it and then you retrieve it, in seconds.
Ever felt as if you’re drowning in paperwork or emails?
Ever lost a really important document?
Ever spent too long searching through piles of paper, receipts, warranties, statements?

If the answer is “YES”, you need mangofile, the easy-to-use electronic filing system that makes all your paperwork problems a thing of the past.

Businesses around the world have been using mangofile technology for several years now but with this newly released version home users and small businesses can enjoy the same benefits and savings as full electronic document management systems.

Mangofile is designed to look and feel just like a normal filing cabinet; with configurable cabinets to separate your work and personal documents. Then simply store these documents with your own indexing criteria. The real power of mangofile is found when you retrieve a specific document you’re looking for in seconds not hours.


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Added by: Brad

Date: 16th Nov 06

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