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Honeywell Dolphin 6100 mobile computer

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Honeywell Dolphin 6100 rugged mobile computer.

Retailers today have to manage a multitude of tasks; from reliable customer service, to inventory management, regular price checks and the list goes on. To undertake such activities efficiently and effectively, more and more retail businesses are recognising the benefits of modern mobile computing solutions. However, in such a diverse marketplace offering an array of different applications, which device could prove to be your ideal system of choice if you require core, state-of-the-art functionality, but without many of the costly add-ons that can amount to a considerably inflated price tag? Well one recently launched device that is certainly fit for purpose is Honeywell’s Dolphin 6100. This entry-level device is stylish, sleek and ultra-lightweight, and is purpose-built for in-store retail and light industrial markets to deliver high performance, user-friendliness and durability – all in a single unit.

Although the Dolphin 6100 is compact enough to fit in your pocket, it’s fully quipped with all the latest real-time wireless communication, data collection and imaging functionality you need. Like all other Honeywell Dolphin mobile computing products, the 6100 comes with Adaptus Imaging Technology as standard, providing users with an extremely versatile and high-performance data collection capability. The Dolphin 6100 can read linear and 2D barcodes and capture digital images, including electronic signatures. And its integrated 802.11b/g real-time wireless connectivity provides access to critical data throughout the enterprise, while also supporting advanced wireless security standards – thus enabling users to manage in-store and backroom retail operations more effectively and securely. Users can also make phone calls using Voice over IP technology, eliminating the need to carry additional devices.

The Dolphin 6100 mobile computer is ergonomically designed to provide easy, single-handed scanning. It’s also a highly intuitive device, with a 28-key shifted alpha numeric keypad and precisely positioned scan-keys, allowing efficient and accurate type flow every time. And its angled imager allows users to view the screen while scanning a barcode. All this adds up to a device that’s more than capable of ensuring users are more mobile and more productive while retaining that all important comfort factor, even during long hours of intensive use.

But despite its light and stylish exterior, the 6100 is also very tough for the task and more than capable of surviving the rigours of constant, every-day deployment in busy, scan-intensive retail and in-premises environments. IP54-rated for durability, the 6100 is able to survive accidental drops from distances as high as 1.2 meters and endure up to 500 tumbles from a drop of a meter. It can even handle exposure to dust, dirt and splashing water. Honeywell’s Dolphin 6100 also includes a long-lasting battery, allowing employees to work through a full eight-hour shift without needing to recharge the unit. Another advantage is in the unit’s comprehensive suite of intuitive software utilities, which simplify configuration, application development and remote device management. The 6100’s operating platform is the popular and easy-to-operate Windows Embedded CE 5.0 – therefore it’s more than capable of ensuring retail employees to stay connected while also increasing their productivity.

So, the 6100 has all the essentials for efficient data capture and asset tracking in the retail and in-premises environment. It’s highly affordable, offers a fast ROI through increased productivity, as well as being tough, easy to operate, compact, light and comfortable to use. We recommend you try out Honeywell’s Dolphin 6100 and see the benefits for yourself.

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Date: 1st Sep 09

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