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MS-1000 Automatic Measure Station

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Simple handling measurement system for volume & weight

  • Installed in line or along with line, can fit as a part of integrated system.
  • Ball rollers can make inducing and forwarding easy.
  • Its measuring table is used also as working desk.
  • Measures maximum 1m length object with space effective design.
  • 0.5cm / 0.05 (0.02) kg resolution.
  • Obtained OIML R76 & R129, good for legal-for-trade.

  1. Ultra sonic sensor (weigth, height)
  2. Barcode reader is connectable
  3. Infrared light sensor (length)
  4. Ball rollers
  5. Interface with PC
  6. Strain gage load cell sensor (weight)

** Please email: if you have any enquiry about this device **

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Added by: Mlewist

Date: 19th May 09

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