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LXE 8650 Bluetooth Ring Scanner Review

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Bluetooth technology has really brought the world of wireless automatic data capture to another level, enabling mobile workers to work more efficiently and more accurately. But what if the scanner itself was not only Bluetooth-enabled but could also be operated hands-free, so other time-critical tasks could be carried out by the operator simultaneously? Well this may sound like a futuristic proposition, but LXE has successfully brought the future to the present with its new 8650 wearable Bluetooth ring scanner.


The ring scanner rests comfortably on the finger and is operated by thumb pressure on this trigger, like so. It’s extremely small and light – weighing only 136 gramsthat’s 4.8 ounces. And because the weight is distributed up the wearer’s arm let me tell you it actually feels even lighter. The scanner doesn’t interfere with your ability to pick things up either, and, because it’s worn, it’s always at the ready so no time is wasted between scans.


As for the Bluetooth module, this is worn conveniently on the back of the hand or wrist, attached with a Velcro strap – like this – and can reliably transmit critical data from up to 30 feet away. Incidentally, the unit can be used with any Bluetooth unit on the market, and so can be an add-on hands-free device that sits within your existing infrastructure. LXE’s 8650 Bluetooth ring scanner can be used for all your automatic data capture requirements; whether in the warehouse, stock room, at the point of sale or point of delivery. In fact, any place you currently use traditional barcode scanners would be appropriate for this highly convenient hands-free technology.


The 8650 is also sturdily constructed. Just look at its tough magnesium housing. You can bang it, snag it, drop it or splash it and it’s still ready for work. Even its cable is extra thick to withstand the snags, pulls and constant rubbing on boxes and shelves that can so easily destroy thinner cables. But it’s not only the exterior that can take the strain; underneath this housing lies an array of specialised electronics, designed to withstand the harshest operating conditions. Another point worth noting is that the entire system is sealed to IP54 standards and can withstand multiple drops to concrete from up to 4 feet.


The 8650 is available in two scanning options; standard laser and 1D or 2D imager*; 2D being ideal for use in industries such as pharmaceutical. It has enough battery power for continuous use of up to 24 hours, and with its ability to deliver up to 17,000 scans on a single charge, the 8650 really is state of the art. And with LXE’s Bluetooth EZ Pairing system, the device can be linked to a compatible mobile computer within seconds simply by scanning a barcode.


Another major advantage is that time spent training operators becomes virtually a thing of the past. Indeed, straight from the box the 8650 can be in use within minutes. Also, the 8650 Series Bluetooth ring scanner is supported by LXE’s ‘servicePASS complete’ programme, offering extremely high levels of quality and cost-effectiveness.


So, if you’re looking for a solution that offers fast hands-free picking within a comfortable and reliable wireless data capture device, take a closer look at this extremely lightweight, flexible and ruggedised Bluetooth ring scanner from LXE.

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