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The 4t Factor: Running the Gauntlet

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Dropped 8’ From a Warehouse Ladder

This first scene illustrates the type of abuse portable printers receive on a regular basis. We filmed a typical warehouse situation in which a worker accidentally drops a 4t printer 8 ft onto a hard concrete floor. After the drop we activate the self print test to demonstrate the integrity of the printer.

Note: As part of O’Neil’s regular testing procedure, the 4t printer is dropped 18 times, at all temperature extremes, from a height of 6 ft onto concrete.
Under the Tires of a 2-Ton Truck

This second scene recreates a situation that happens more often than you would expect. The same 4t printer was placed under the tires of a Ford F150 and ran over. If you listen closely, you can hear the gravel crunching under the weight of the truck as the tire runs over the printer. Remarkably, the printer was fine, there was no damage, and it functioned perfectly.
Road Rage

What could we do next, hmmm…why not drag it behind a truck? This effectively illustrates the abuse a printer receives as it rumbles around on the truck floor or flies out the truck door or falls off the hood where it was accidentally left.

So, we hooked it to a chain and dragged the same printer we’d used in the first two scenes through the streets. The printer worked great but the camera had technical difficulties so we tried again, punishing the printer further still. The third take is the video shown here, and as you can see, the printer performed flawlessly every time.
46-Foot Drop to Concrete

46-Foot Drop was our final video and definitely the most amazing. We dropped the SAME 4t PRINTER used in previous videos off the roof of O’Neil’s warehouse. We could have dropped it onto dirt, but we were confident that it would survive a 46-foot drop onto concrete. Not only did the 4t still work, it worked perfectly. No other portable printer can stand up to this kind of punishment! Imagine how it’ll hold up to your regular use.

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