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10 Reasons To Install Kaspersky

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Be ready for What’s Next!

We are going to take a look at 10 compelling reasons why Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows should be your corporate standard in malware protection

Introducing Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows & Kaspersky Security Center 9

New technologies like virtualisation and cloud computing coupled with highly-mobile employees can improve your business and make you competitive, agile and profitable. But, adopting them can introduce dangerous cyber-threats to your company. Keep ahead of emerging threats with intelligent security solutions from the leading anti-malware experts at Kaspersky.

1 Superior Protection

Superior Protection: The powers of signature-based protection, proactive defence and cloud-assisted security have converged within Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows. The all-new malware scanning engine is faster, more effective and is the most advanced technology available in the war against cybercrime.



2 Technical support and expertise

Technical support and expertise: At Kaspersky we don’t “outsource” our corporate support to other companies or countries. When you call Kaspersky, you’re talking to our trained engineers. Standard support is always free and fast. Over 90% of all concerns are resolved on the first call by the engineer who answers the phone.


3 Leveraging the Power of the Cloud

Leveraging the Power of the Cloud: Every day, 25 million samples from our users around the globe help us deliver the fastest response available to new threats through the Kaspersky Security Network. This real-time intelligence from the cloud keeps you protected before threats materialise.


4 Supporting the broadest array of platforms

Supporting the broadest array of platforms: We offer flexible solutions for the most complex networks in the world. Whether you’re using Windows, Netware, Linux, Macintosh, VMware, Citrix, Lotus Notes/Domino, Exchange, Android, Blackberry, Symbian or Windows Mobile – Kaspersky has you covered.


5 Feature-rich centralised administration and management

Feature-rich centralised administration and management: Central administration with Kaspersky Security Center 9 delivers true security management and IT control. Kaspersky solutions can supervise physical and virtual security operations on multiple operating systems, hardware platforms and even mobile devices.


6 Optimised support for virtual environments

Optimised support for virtual environments: Kaspersky’s Technology automatically recognises virtual machines in the corporate administration structure. Automated load balancing features intelligently apply themselves when the product performs intensive operations on virtual hosts – keeping your machines running efficiently.



7 Innovative Architecture

Innovative Architecture: Kaspersky has tightly-integrated code architecture. We haven’t acquired other technologies and forced them into our solutions. Building from the ground up means protection that is lightweight, agile, easy to deploy and ahead of new threats.



8 Comprehensive and Flexible Controls

Comprehensive and Flexible Controls: Application control, granular device control and web content filtering are just a few of the many centralized, IT-friendly features you need to manage your enterprise effectively.



9 Trusted by IT Industry leaders

Trusted by IT Industry leaders: Companies like Microsoft, IBM, Checkpoint, Juniper and over 130 more IT innovators – use Kaspersky code in the products they bring to market. Chances are you’re using Kaspersky technology in your organisation right now!



10 A broad and growing customer base

A broad and growing customer base: Protecting almost 400,000,000 endpoints globally and growing by 500,000 more each day, Kaspersky is the fastest growing anti-malware product in the world. Discover why so many companies like yours are switching to Kaspersky for their business security.


Thanks for watching for more information please contact Wick Hill on 01483 227600, www.wickhill.com/kaspersky

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