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Weber Labelling Systems

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Weber Marking Systems provide labelling products and solutions for a whole host of companies across a broad range of industries from small manufacturers to FTSE 100 Companies. Weber products can be found in virtually all industries, from medical to retail; from plastics to automotive; from food to pharmaceutical. Our systems are used to address countless applications such as product identification, bar code compliance labelling, RFID smart labelling, inventory control, work-in progress tracking, shipment addressing, and bin and shelf labelling. Our research and development team has created exclusive label materials that endure the harsh elements found in the pharmaceutical, electrical, and chemical industries. For situations that present unique labelling and coding obstacles our engineering staff has designed systems that include special material handling equipment, distinct label printing, RFID encoding and label application systems, as well as custom label design software packages. To complete on-site labelling needs, Weber offers the latest bar code and RFID verification and data capture equipment. For applications that require off-site label printing and/or RFID encoding, Weber provides a service bureau that produces labels to customer specifications.

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