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Datalogic Falcon X3 rugged mobile computer review

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While data handling requirements within retail, warehousing and logistics become ever more demanding, so mobile computing manufacturers have to continually raise the bar on the solutions they bring to market.

But rather than simply enhance or upgrade existing models, Datalogic Mobile has gone one major step further by launching a new top-of-the-range portable data terminal with a totally new computer architecture designed from the ground up, together with a new highly ruggedized design. In doing so, the company offers a device with genuine up-to-the minute performance features and a hardware form factor that’s now more compelling than ever.

The brand new Datalogic Falcon portable data terminal is available in both handheld and pistol grip versions and builds on the legacy of the company’s Falcon family of rugged portable devices for real-time data capture and communication for streamlining inventories in retail and warehouse vertical markets.

The first thing that strikes the user when holding the Falcon is its convincing marriage of both ergonomics and ruggedness. This data terminal offers impressive new durability benchmarks while also being impressively lightweight – the handheld version weighs in at only 626 grams and the pistol grip version at 699 grams. Resisting numerous drops from as high as 1.8 metres, and IP64 sealed for protection against dirt, dust and water, the device really is built for long-term survival and continual efficient use in the most challenging environments.

For high-frequency scanning comfort throughout the day, the pistol grip version offers an arched handle and easy-to-use trigger, while the handheld version has been contoured to fit snugly in the palm of the hand – making it ideal for continuous user comfort during long shifts.

The Falcon is available in both numeric and alphanumeric keyboard versions both set up in a phone key layout for extra familiarity and convenience. And the clear QVGA display and backlit keyboard ensure information can be easily read in both dark indoor or extremely bright outdoor environments.

Another special feature of the Falcon is its ability to deliver high-level performance through Datalogic’s new Power Cubed architecture. NOW this brand new computer structure is based on a multi processor approach that provides real time data capture and communications to optimise inventory accuracy and maximise operator productivity. Summit’s latest 802.11 a/b/g radio with a state-of-the-art diversity antenna system provides Falcon with the coverage continuity even in both dense and remote environments. And the unit’s CCX v4 certification provides encryption levels for PCI compliance and seamless roaming across even the largest of sites.

Available with either laser scanner or 2D imager, the Falcon can be configured to match the needs of any department. In addition to one of the industries loudest beepers, both laser and imager come with Datalogic-patented Green Spot good read feedback to reduce errors. Both visual and audio feedback can be adjusted to fit the environment, whether in a loud warehouse or high end fashion store. And because it’s packaged with the latest versions of either Windows CE or Windows Mobile, Falcon is perfectly tailored for interfacing seamlessly with your existing warehouse management and ERP back-office systems.

So, if your looking for a rugged portable data terminal that stresses ergonomics and cutting edge technology for your retail store or warehouse, Datalogic’s brand new Falcon portable data terminal is certainly worth further investigation.

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